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At Splended, we’re your partners in cultivating a culture of agile and continuous learning.

Our Approach

We don’t just offer training; we empower you to own your learning journey. Step into the driver’s seat and take ownership of your teams’ growth.

Our tailor-made pro-to-pro learning and coaching programmes are designed to deliver results from day one. We equip you with skills and knowledge that you can apply directly in your tech roles.

At Splended, your professional development is our priority. We are passionate about raising competence levels in the digital business, design, and technology space.

Elevate your skills, embrace agility, and shape your work life in the digital age.

Splended Thoughts

  • Ditching the Lecture: A Learning Sprint with Visma
    As the CEO of Splended and a learning specialist, it was an absolute pleasure to lead an interactive workshop for the talented individuals of Visma’s tech team. Engaging with Visma’s developers, designers and project managers and facilitating their career development was both rewarding and insightful.
  • Introducing Merri Leino – A Splended Growth Partner
    A while ago we recognized a need to hire a new teammate to facilitate our growth. We received a staggering 139 applications and had many inspiring conversations with potential applicants. […]
  • Splended Breakfast Event – HR Knowledge Exchange
    Thanks you for being so active and making this a wonderful event! Let’s continue sharing and exchanging ideas on learning!

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