Close up of workshop attendant Katri VIlonen. Young woman with glasses and a hat

Coaching on Android development in the flow of work

Our client had identified a skills gap: a couple of Android developers needed to learn Jetpack Compose quickly and they couldn’t find a ready-made solution that would meet their needs. This is where Splended came in with an agile training approach.

In this client case, we worked together with the customer every step of the way starting from making discovery calls to understanding their needs better all the way to designing learning interventions that suited them spot on. We organized coaching sessions in which we demonstrated step by step how to develop skills in practice.

True to our client mission, it’s not enough to help a client to do something – we’ll help them do it better than well! We always help the trainer with our approaches so that they can feel confident in coaching our customers. In this particular success story, Katri Vilonen from Mavericks Software was the lead of this learning intervention. She is a Senior Android Developer who also organizes Google Developer Group meet-ups and inspires young women into the IT industry by helping to organize the Super-Ada events. Katri also teaches Android summer courses at Haaga-Helia.

It was a pleasure working with someone who enjoys experimenting with modern learner-centric ways of teaching as much as Katri. She is one of those Splended trainers who not only know their craft but are also extremely innovative in their approaches to learning. A fun example of this was ‘mob coding’ that she used as a method in this client story. It really seemed to work well.

“I’d be happy to cooperate with Splended again! The people I coached were super nice,”  Katri sums up after her coaching sessions.

We at Splended definitely hope to continue cooperation with Katri in the future as well. Splended solutions are applicable, practical and user-centric.

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