APIs – how to orchestrate the best possible system?

Companies that succeed in integrating and orchestrating their systems and digital processes using APIs usually reap the biggest benefits in the digital market. We all want to be those companies. But to develop the understanding and skill to maneuver all this in the most agile way possible may require some extra help. APIs are a technology but there’s a bigger opportunity to develop for bigger orchestration, creating a way for others to use your data and services. We need to look beyond implementation to enabling building successful systems and collaborations.

If you want to be successful at APIs, look no further. We at Splended have skilled coaches who can not only lead the discussion in training sessions but they can open new perspectives to your individual development agenda.

Miki Wiik, COO and advisor at Wunderdog knows how to enable learning with his vast industry experience.

It’s not just about coding. It’s about dialogue, planning, networking, solving problems together and answering questions that are relevant at that particular moment.

At Splended, we think it’s important to give participants practical tools and confidence to solve their API challenges in their own domains. Hearing how others have approached the same problems offers new insights and adds value in addition to the content discussed in the training sessions. We engage participants in interaction and meaningful activities such as improving the code in pairs or solving development tasks together. 

You want to learn while working on your API project plus network with like-minded colleagues?

Let us integrate you into our Splended community.