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Boosting trainer skills for better onboarding experiences

At Splended, our mission is to boost onboarding experiences through innovative learning approaches. We understand that traditional methods often fall short in engaging and empowering new hires, which is why we’ve partnered with various companies in medical and technical industries to enhance their onboarding programs. With our tailored strategies and tools in use, we ensure that no one will fall asleep during their onboarding!

Our collaborative journey with each partner begins with a comprehensive discovery call, where we dive deep into understanding the unique learning needs and context. This initial step is crucial for creating commitment among participants and gaining insights into their skill levels and specific focus areas for improvement. During this inspiring moment, our coaches carefully listen to the wishes and aspirations of the participants, setting the stage for an insipiring learning experience.

Once we have a solid understanding of our partner’s needs, we move on to conducting hands-on coaching sessions. These sessions provide trainers with practical exposure to modern learning designs, allowing them to experience these techniques firsthand. For instance, trainers become familiar with interactive lecturing strategies and engage in activities like fishbowl discussions to reflect on the content covered. By immersing themselves in these innovative methods, trainers gain valuable insights and confidence in integrating them into their onboarding programs.

Following these sessions, we facilitate online retrospectives to reflect on progress and identify areas for improvement. Through open dialogue and collaboration, onboarding trainers not only gain the skills but also the confidence to integrate modern learning methods into their programs. Additionally, we encourage on-the-job learning by providing practical ideas on how to apply new skills and knowledge directly in the work environment. The feedback has been positive overall. Participants have appreciated the tailored approach and the practical tools that they can put immediately into use.

The impact of our collaboration is evident in the many inspired trainers who are now equipped to create more effective and engaging onboarding experiences for their teams. By embracing modern learning approaches, they ensure that new hires are not only welcomed but also empowered to thrive from day one. At Splended, we’re committed to renewing onboarding into a truly transformative experience for both organizations and their employees.