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Empowering an SME to Deliver Engaging Developer Sessions

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how we designed an interactive workshop series and trained a subject matter expert (SME), Juhana Suhonen, a senior software engineer from Codemate, to deliver engaging sessions on a new programming language.

Identifying an SME with deep expertise and effective communication skills was crucial. We handpicked an SME who possessed both technical proficiency and the ability to engage an audience. However, being a subject matter expert does not automatically translate into being an effective trainer. To bridge this gap, we provided training to our SME, Juhana Suhonen, who worked with Splended to deliver a workshop series for our customer in the telco industry.

During our cooperation, Juhana learned to design learner-centric workshops with both theory and practical application. We co-designed the content and interactions to create a meaningful learning experience for the two cohorts that we were training. To create a successful workshop series, we began by establishing clear goals and learning objectives. For this, we organized a discovery call with some of the future participants of the workshops. This way our trainer, Juhana, was able to identify skill gaps and shape the structure and content of our workshops. It also engaged the participants because they got a chance to be part of the planning.

Juhana found the experience meaningful and comments how “It was a great learning experience for me and I feel much more confident now to deliver future workshops. I’m actually looking forward to accelerating my own expertise by teaching others!”

Splended trainer program focuses on equipping SMEs with various interactive techniques to make their workshops more dynamic and engaging. We highlight the importance of hands-on activities, group discussions, and case studies to encourage active participation. By incorporating these elements, we can ensure that participants are not just passive listeners but active contributors to the learning process. Juhana, being a fast learner himself, received excellent feedback on this from the participants: “The workshops were helpful, especially the exercises done in smaller groups.”

Additionally, we emphasize the significance of reflection in the learning process. Trainers are encouraged to provide dedicated time for participants to reflect on their learning experiences, assess their progress, and identify areas for further growth. This practice promoted self-awareness and enabled developers to take ownership of their learning journeys. “I learned a lot in this course . The instructor was well prepared and knowledgeable and it was an even paced training . However , may be the course can be extended to like 4 days since we didn’t had time to go through the advanced concepts in detail” comments one participant.

During the training process, Juhana discovered valuable insights that enhanced his effectiveness as a trainer. For example, he learned the importance of adapting to the audience’s needs and skill levels. Creating an interactive workshop series requires a thoughtful approach that goes beyond technical expertise. By training our SMEs to deliver exceptional sessions, we empower them to engage developers, foster interactions, and encourage reflections.

The key takeaways from this journey are the significance of hands-on activities, the power of group discussions, and the importance of reflection in the learning process. At Splended, we are committed to nurturing an environment where developers can grow their skills and achieve their full potential. As an IT director, you have the power to unlock the full potential of your development team. Embrace the power of interactive workshops and join us on this journey towards confidence and skill. Together, we can create a culture of continuous learning, innovation, and success that propels your organization into the future. Experience the Splended difference and witness your developers soar to new heights.