Medium shot of Vesa Härkönen speaking during Splended's training to Helen.

Enhancing Communication Effectiveness: A Case Study with Helen

“Effective communication is an important part of getting things done. We recognized this and wanted to set out to empower our people with the tools they needed to level up their communication skills.”, says Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data & AI at Helen.

In this case story we’re about to dive into how Splended delivered communication training for development managers at Helen.

Tailored Topics for Empowerment

Splended meticulously curated a comprehensive training program consisting of two half-day sessions, targeting the specific needs and challenges faced by Helen’s development managers and POs. The training encompassed a range of topics, each carefully designed to improve communication effectiveness and boost confidence. The following topics were covered and tailored to the learners’ needs:

  1. Being Empathetic
    Understanding the importance of empathy in effective communication, participants learned strategies and techniques to empathize with their audience, fostering meaningful connections and rapport.
  2. Purpose and Goals
    This session focused on aligning communication efforts with clear objectives and goals. Participants learned to communicate purposefully, ensuring their messages were concise, focused, and outcome-oriented.
  3. Stories and Storytelling as a Tool
    Recognizing the power of storytelling in captivating and engaging audiences, this session explored the art of crafting compelling narratives to convey messages effectively and leave a lasting impact.
  4. Belief and Credibility
    Building trust and credibility are essential for effective communication. Participants gained insights into establishing their credibility, enhancing their personal brand, and fostering trust with their teams and stakeholders.
  5. Planning, Repetition, Multichannel Communication
    This session emphasized the significance of strategic planning, repetition, and utilizing various communication channels to maximize message retention and reach.
  6. Engagement for Impact
    Participants explored strategies to foster engagement and active participation from their teams and stakeholders, enabling them to drive impactful conversations and achieve desired outcomes.

Effective Training Methodology

Splended employed a highly effective learn-do-reflect methodology to facilitate a comprehensive learning experience for the participants. The training sessions began with the trainer sharing key insights and points on each topic. Participants then engaged in practical exercises, working in pairs to apply the concepts and discuss real-world scenarios. The final phase of each session involved reflecting on the newly acquired knowledge and discussing the lessons learned throughout the day.

Feedback That Speaks Volumes

The communication training delivered by Splended received highly positive feedback from Helen’s people. Participants expressed their appreciation for the valuable learning experience and the practical applicability of the training content. Here are a few examples of the feedback received:

“Good training, which gave you something to try out at work.”

“Clear, well-designed. Concrete examples and exercises.”

“Good opportunity to link to own work and plan application at work.”

Helen made a smart move by investing in Splended’s communication training for their development managers and POs. Through tailored sessions and a dynamic training approach, Splended equipped these professionals with the skills and knowledge to conquer their communication challenges. The result? A workforce empowered to communicate effectively, build strong relationships, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

Interested in the communication training for your team?