Close-up of a participant at Splended's training for Helen

How we delivered a Splended leadership training for Helen

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, effective leadership, strong communication skills, and efficient prioritization are vital for achieving personal and professional success. Read how we boosted skills, increased knowledge and put learning into practice with our leadership training with Helen.

We do a careful discovery and needs analysis before we deliver training. This way we can ensure that the training is spot-on and relevant to the target audience. We find the best specialist to deliver the training and co-design the learning experience with them. The best subject matter expert may not be the best trainer but we combine effective learning with their expertise. This offers the participants an enjoyable and interactive experience.

This is how the tech leads at Helen commented the morning sessions we facilitated with our trainer Tom Weckström from Coventures.

“A versatile and activating training where we got to think and do a lot.”

“Thought-provoking ideas on what makes a functional team.”

“Tom is a diamond!”

Leadership development is the foundation of a thriving organization. It encompasses the ability to inspire, guide, and empower individuals and teams towards a common goal. With practical activities and a solid foundation on modern leadership theories, Tom led three effective sessions where the team was able to talk, co-create and reflect on their behaviours and how they might challenge their old thinking. Indeed, they remarked that many of the good practices “will be tested immediately at work.” Some felt that this training enhanced their already existing skills, but found it useful to refresh their memory to avoid getting stuck in their ways.

An experienced leader and coach, Tom was able to provide the participants with both inspiration and content knowledge. The topics featured communication and prioritization which are commonly the painpoints in product development. Indeed, the sessions saw groups reflect on their sphere of influence and whether leadership belongs to leaders alone.

Helen considers learning, growth and development important for their success. They have been actively developing their IT teams with Splended. Mikko Muurinen, the Head of Data and AI, was very pleased with the outcomes of this learning intervention. He has noticed the excitement and sparkle after the sessions in his team. This initiative has immediate returns on investment as the participants will start testing the ideas they practised during the training. We checked up on them after five weeks to make sure they are implementing the models and practices from the sessions.

If you need to ramp up your team’s leadership skills, you’ve come to the right place! We at Splended make sure to make a visible change in leadership practices.

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