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“In C++, confidence is arrogance”

We’re thrilled to share a story that highlights the power of collaboration and a passion for learning. At Splended, we take pride in delivering tailored, cutting-edge learning experiences. In this instance, we teamed up with Mavericks to boost the C++ skills of Varian’s software development team.

Did you know that in the heart of Helsinki city Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, develops the world’s leading radio-therapy treatment planning systems and cancer treatment solutions? Varian Finland currently employs around 300 people of more than 30 nationalities. They envision a world without fear of cancer and work passionately to develop and deliver easy-to-use, efficient oncology solutions. This company prioritizes upskilling their software development professionals. Their goal? To enhance their team’s C++ programming skills—a crucial element in their development toolkit.

Collaboration formed the cornerstone of this transformation. From initial discussions to understanding Varian’s unique needs, we were partners at every stage. Mavericks joined us, armed with not one, but two seasoned trainers adept in different facets of C++. Aki Reijonen and Pekka Mikkola, both seasoned development specialists, brought prior training experience to the table.

This bespoke learning experience was tailored to the team’s diverse needs. Sessions were meticulously designed, seamlessly blending modern learning methodologies. Our trainers orchestrated an immersive and comprehensive learning journey. Rather than the typical training format, participants engaged in a custom project tailored to practise real working life programming skills.

The team found immense value in these sessions, noting the meaningful activities that accelerated their learning process. “Trainers were highly professional, and the exercises were approached superbly,” remarked one team member. “Having actual solutions distributed to participants created a ‘production-like’ environment, enhancing our learning experience.”

With the presence of two coaches, this approach was smoothly executed using Splended’s learning designs. Mavericks trainers weren’t just educators; they ignited inspiration. Their expertise simplified complex concepts, ensuring accessibility and engagement for all, regardless of prior C++ experience. Participants were driven to explore further, spurred on by curiosity.

The trainers created a supportive and secure learning environment, tailoring tasks to suit the team’s skill levels. “I appreciated the trainers finding suitable topics for us after each session. Every session felt enriching, and the concepts were approachable,” shared another team member. “Practices were excellent, and the support provided during exercises was invaluable.”

This story is a testament to the transformative influence of collaboration and modern learning methodologies. It’s a journey that has armed Varian’s software development team with the expertise to navigate the intricacies of C++.

Reflecting on their experience, one seasoned developer remarked, “In C++, confidence is arrogance.” The team at Varian remains committed to continuous learning.

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