Close-up photo of Splended's Growth Partner Merri Leino

Introducing Merri Leino – A Splended Growth Partner

A while ago we recognized a need to hire a new teammate to facilitate our growth. We received a staggering 139 applications and had many inspiring conversations with potential applicants. We have now made a decision and are excited to introduce Merri Leino, a dynamic professional whose career journey has crossed the realms of marketing technology, finance, and business development. Merri brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to our team.

During his tenure at Google, Merri empowered Nordic businesses with Google’s marketing suite and cutting-edge martech solutions. Merri also has entrepreneurial experience as he has guided a market insight startup and a D2C brand’s launch, facilitating the establishment of robust processes and orchestrating nSight’s successful launch. Initially, Merri worked in corporate banking at Nordea, where he supported the financing of various mergers and acquisitions.

With a background in international taxation and contracts, Merri possesses a solid academic foundation on strategic decision-making and legal acumen. Passionate about process improvement and the development of human capital, Merri is dedicated to helping businesses optimize their operations and nurture their greatest resources—their people.

Outside work, Merri finds joy in sports and the tranquility of sailing during the sunny Finnish summers. A voracious reader and one of those rare people who can claim to have read Homer’s Odyssey, Merri’s literary interests and vibrant personality make him a fantastic addition to our team. As Merri joins our team, we eagerly anticipate the innovative ideas, strategic insights, and boundless energy he will bring to the table.