Product management – are we going in the same direction?

When we are developing a new product or continuously improving an existing one, a lot of co-operation and communication is required for success. Communication and joint co-operation practices should bring clarity and bring all the makers, doers and leaders together. Do we understand the direction we are heading in a similar way and do we see the big picture from our silos? Are we using the right measures? These are common considerations of product management.

Splended trainers

To better equip team leads in their challenges, we have built a product management training together with Marko Oksanen from Coventures. Marko has brought his extensive experience from product management, which is then built in the form of the dialogue-based training, where one can apply recent knowledge and practices to one’s own work context.

”A shared understanding can really make interactive situations more productive”, says Marko Oksanen, a Splended coach and CEO of Coventures who is happy to share his insights on product management and who has previously been cooperating with Aalto-University and now with Splended.

The training we built together covers product discovery methods and increases understanding of the business context and customer focus. After the training participants know how to use communication tools skillfully and are able to understand the product management process as a joint organizational process. They will also know how to act confidently outside silos when developing a product. Training will help every participant to understand the importance of their roles – be the title then designer, developer or CTO.

Training should meet real needs

Our latest product management training was tailored to the people from New Things Co. They view it important to continuously develop their people, so that they can better support their customers. The product management for developers training was tailored to their purposes.

Our training with Coventures can be tailored to different groups. The best results can be achieved when there is diversity in the group (e.g. product managers, product owners, developers, designers). Working with a professional who is doing the work themselves, can open up new perspectives on how to speed up our own learning and the way we process information both during and after the training.

Our training experience is interactive, based on cases and dialogue where you can experience the challenge and solve problems together with your team and the coach. You can take this newly developed knowledge with you once you return back to your desk and put it into use right away. Do you have your product team going in the same direction?