Close up of a men and a woman smiling at the camera, she is Splended CEO Marjut Sadeharju and he is Vesa Härkönen

Pro-to-pro trainings to future-proof your company

When I type in Splended, my computer keeps autocorrecting it ‘splendid’ which according to the dictionary means ‘magnificent and very impressive’. Although not heard phonetically, the word itself includes ‘-ed’ in its end, implying our education business. 

Learn from the best with your peers

Our mission is to be a high-quality pro-to-pro training agency who employs the best domain experts from the field and designs meaningful learning experiences for our customers. By sharing knowledge of the best digital professionals, we help develop digital competencies
and create a better digital world through continuous learning.

We want to bridge the skills gap by training professionals in the digital transformation space be it in technologies, business or design. Our training concepts help boost the employee experience, keep talent in the house and support professional growth with relevant, timely and applicable training.

Immediate takeaways

We all acknowledge that learning is important but investing time and energy may sometimes be challenging. We get this. Our trainings are designed to cause minimal disruption to the workflow yet bring maximum learning impact. For example, we offer interactive workshops, coaching sessions, short webinars and case-based learning for learning cohorts from various organizations. We believe in learning from the best in the field and learning together.

We want teams to become confident, skilled and well equipped to embrace the digitized world. We can make career dreams come true with our practical approaches: if you want to get those challenging IT projects or deepen your T- or M-shaped skill set, we’re here for you.

The people behind Splended are Vesa Härkönen and Marjut Sadeharju. You can also read about our story in a Fusion Ecosystem blog post.

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