T-shaping your team adds value

As a business owner or manager, you need to make sure that your team has all the skills needed to succeed. While your team members may have some hard skills, like programming or design, they also need social and product management skills in order to be successful.

It’s not just about their technical abilities; it’s about their ability to work with others and communicate effectively. If you have a team of T-shaped employees, they can share their expertise in different areas while still maintaining a focus on their primary responsibilities (and yours).

Supercharging your team through training

This is why training is so important: it helps employees develop new skills while boosting employee engagement and experience. And when everyone has more than one skill set, it improves the overall performance of your company as well as its bottom line. Since not every task requires an expert, T-shaped employees offer flexibility in getting more tasks done. On an individual level, having a wider skill set boosts confidence because you can teach others and interact with multiple stakeholders with ease.

Investing in T-shaped skills — across your org or individually — strengthens collaboration and communication for team members and between teams.  You’ll open up silos and increase the agility of employees, which improves an org’s overall efficiency.

Lisa Bodell, Forbes

Growing your innovation muscle

The truth is, your employees’ ability to innovate is directly tied to how well they’re trained. And one of the best ways to train your workforce is through T-shaped training.

This approach has been proven time and time again as an effective way to improve employee performance and increase retention rates. It also helps you retain top talent by providing opportunities for them to grow into new roles within your company.

It’s really very easy: simply look at your current training programs, figure out what areas need improvement, and start working on them today.

Is product management your pain point?

We have identified a need for T-shaped skill sets among developers who manage projects. Interaction, development, cooperation and problem solving need not be painstaking or hard. Splended offers Product management training for developers with experienced coaches from Coventures. In our interactive workshops, teams will solve cases, learn about industry best practices and get a chance to discuss their own pain points and challenges. Our coaches have a wide experience in the field of digital transformations, they can help with their viewpoints and insights.