Juho Saarinen

This is how we practised cloud development – and skills

Finding a training that is spot on may be difficult for companies. We at Splended are experts at this: we choose the best SME, coach them on the learning design and conduct discovery calls to identify learner needs and context. Trainers are well prepared to conduct interactive workshops and have clear goals in mind thanks to discovery calls.

Our most recent workshop “From on-premise developer to a cloud developer” focussed on migrating to the cloud, building apps on the cloud and using serverless architectures. This training saw the participants utilizing a sample application written in Java which they then refactored step by step to become fully cloud native. The workshop was led by Juho Saarinen, an experienced developer and subject matter expert in software architecture and cloud-native development. Juho comes from our partner company Mavericks where he works as a Test & DevOps Architect. We designed the training together, carefully making sure that there is a good balance between theory and practice. His experiences as a trainer were positive due to the discovery call, our support with workshop materials and overall how we helped him create interactive workshops.

As a first-timer doing workshop type of training, support from Splended was really helping to make participants learn. I’ve only held some conference talks and clinics before so this was valuable, comments Juho.

At Splended workshops you are encouraged to ask questions, share your own experiences, or simply follow along as you learn about some of the most common challenges and best practices for creating applications to the public cloud. The training was offered for the first time earlier this year and proved to be a success. Here’s what a participant thought about it:

The training was a good overall introduction to GCP and gave some good info on Go also with interesting items that I was not aware of. It was good to create one sample application and then replatform it and eventually add more cloud native functionality like the Pub/Sub.

This two-day workshop helps participants to get started with application modernisation for a successful cloud strategy. The feedback we received was very positive, both from Juho and the participants. Some participants commented how the training was very relevant to the projects they carry out in their company. We could see how the team started testing and developing applications already during the training. We had a lot of fun running the training, and seeing the team become more confident at utilizing public cloud and creating applications that run there.

Are you planning to start utilizing cloud environments? Let us teach you how.