Future-back business scenarios for sustainable success (FI/ENG)

The ongoing environmental and social crises are presenting business leaders with an unprecedented strategic challenge. We are facing a foundational change that will risk most currently successful business models becoming obsolete. At the same time, we are provided with avenues to new value creation opportunities, should we succeed with repositioning our business within the evolving business environment. This calls for explorative strategy execution guided by clear future scenarios. However, few business leaders are fully aware of these emerging opportunities and the drivers behind them.

This training will provide you with practical tools to map out the plausible futures for your industry and craft alternative future scenarios for you to succeed in. The training will use future radars that are specific to your industry and hence provide tangible input to your strategy process.

You’ll learn

  1. Understand the drivers behind the change introduced by the environmental and social crises.
  2. Map out the plausible futures for your own business & industry
  3. Create alternative scenarios to reposition your business amidst the change
  4. Model the value potential available to your business in the alternative scenarios
  5. Adjust your unique value proposition and distinct capabilities to win in your alternative scenarios
  6. Execute a dynamic and iterative strategy towards sustainable success

Content of the training days

Day 1 focuses on the key phenomena and drivers behind the change specific to your own industry

Day 2 focuses on mapping out plausible futures and the available alternative scenarios for your own business

Day 3 focuses on how to set your business up for a transformation program to reposition it for success in the future

For whom?

Business leaders who are responsible for the success of a company:

  • C-level executives
  • Business unit leaders
  • Strategy directors

Please also have a look at Taival CEO’s Petri Salo’s book A Business Playbook for Sustainable Success – doing well by doing good .

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