Build new offering by understanding your market

It is essential for companies to keep up with the changing expectations of the contemporary consumer.
This pro to pro program focuses on a specific ambition of a company to develop new business opportunities and offerings for a consumer market.
The program will help a team working on an opportunity to keep focus on the consumer and ensure even radical, transitional offering are adapted to demand.

You’ll learn

  1. To use consumer insights in the best ways possible for in-market success
  2. To frame/ validate a consumer opportunity for the business
  3. To do explorative research to create a key insight as a starting point for concept development.
  4. To conduct experiments to iterate on a concept
  5. To quantify the opportunity & assess the potential for adoption

Content of the training days

Day 1 (3 hours): Discuss the opportunity/ start evolving a framing and an understanding of the opportunity

Day 2 (3 hours): Plan for explorative research: recruitment, objectives, discussion guides, analysis and conclusions.

Day 3 (6 hours): Analysis of findings & first version of key consumer insights

Day 4 (3 hours): Planning of testing of concepts

The team will work in-between sessions, and meetings will focus on ensuring that consumer insight is crisp and clear, and is not distorted.

The process can be conducted over 2 months, but will require the team/ teams to work in between meetings.

The research is conducted, but supported by the trainer and may involve additional cost.

For whom?

  • New business development teams
  • Multi-disciplinary product and service development teams
  • Teams with the task to transition the company towards more sustainable offerings.

Do you want to know more about our offering?

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