Data Learning Sprint

Make good use of your technical investment by empowering your people on the use of data.

Join us for an intensive one-week learning sprint designed to elevate your expertise in data-driven decision-making.

The data learning sprint consists of morning sessions featuring concrete practice in our hands-on interactive workshops, and a reflective retrospective to maximize your learning outcomes.

Register today for our one-week learning sprint, and equip yourself with the skills and insights that allow for more productivity and better decisions.

Week at a glance:

Morning session 1: Dive into the fundamentals of data-driven decision-making and its pivotal role in business development.

Morning session 2: Explore the nuances of qualitative and quantitative data, and how to apply them effectively in your decision-making process.

Engage in practical exercises to strengthen your research skills.

Morning session 3: Discover the power of evidence-based decision-making and strategies for reducing and taking calculated risks.

Apply evidence-based methodologies and risk mitigation techniques to real-world scenarios.

Morning session 4: Learn how to foster a culture of experimentation within your organization, emphasizing the roles of individuals and teams.

Morning session 5: Reflect on your learning journey, discuss insights gained, and plan how to implement these new skills effectively.

For whom?

  • Business development professionals
  • Product managers
  • Marketing managers
  • UX/UI designers
  • Anyone committed to enhancing customer-centered planning and decision-making skills

This one-week learning sprint comprises morning sessions, allowing you to continue your daily activities in the afternoon.

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