Infrastructure management with Terraform (FI/ENG)

Terraform has become the de-facto standard tool for managing many kinds of cloud platforms in a safe, efficient, and predictable way. Whether you’re looking into transitioning to Terraform from another tool or learning infrastructure as code from scratch, our experts are here to help you get up to speed.

You’ll learn

  • The participants will learn how to set up cloud infrastructure from the ground-up using Terraform and how to work with the tool in a practical setting.
  • In the hands-on exercises, the participants get to set up cloud resources with Terraform on a practice environment with the help of our instructors.

Content of the training day

We provide the essential information to successfully manage cloud infrastructure using Terraform.

  • Infrastructure as Code basics
  • Terraform basics
  • Modularization
  • State management
  • CI/CD integration

For whom?

This training is for people interested in getting started with infrastructure as code or just interested in learning how to use Terraform.

  • Software Developers
  • Test Engineers
  • Operations Engineers

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