Become a master of product management

In this training we will dig deep into product management. We will help you understand what product management is at its best and how you can use it to create value. You will learn how it ties into business operations by practising with real-life scenarios. Practical challenges will help you gain a deeper understanding of product-driven businesses.

You’ll learn

You’ll build your competences in how to build a modern product-driven business. We’ll share tools and practices for shifting your business into a more product-driven business, and revamping your organization to make it successful. In addition, the training is built to help you solve practical challenges of product management.

Content of the training days

Day 1

  • Introduction to product management
  • Business benefits of product management 
  • Tools for ensuring that a product meets business criteria

Day 2 

  • Product management, users and software – How to ensure you build something that users love though product management
  • UX/UI tools – Agile, Scrum, Kanban etc. methods and processes
  • Product-driven business and organization
  • Product manager career paths

For whom?

Transformation managers who are responsible of driving an organization into product-driven business. Managers who are responsible of product management (e.g. PO, PdM, CTO, CPO).

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