Find your superior customer benefits

Make your business stand out. Learn how to leverage superior customer benefits for differentiation in your business strategy. Clearly defined superior customer benefits set your business apart from your competitors and gives your customer a clear reason to buy from you. This training gives you concrete tools for defining and articulating your differentiator. We’ll go through how superior customer benefits are turned into a growth-generating business strategy and how to elevate sales processes accordingly.

You’ll learn

The training will you clarify what superior customer benefits are and crystallise them for your business. We’ll provide you with concrete tools to build differentiation through superior customer benefits. You’ll understand how these can be leveraged in strategy formation and how to elevate sales processes accordingly.

Content of the training days

Day 1 

  • Differentiation and business growth
  • Introduction to superior customer benefits
  • Building a strategy by leveraging superior customer benefits

Day 2

  • Building a sales strategy for growth by applying superior customer benefits

Day 3

  • Sales processes – new funnel approach
  • Practical tools for transforming sales processes into learning and customer-friendly flow

For whom?

Business executives and managers, who are responsible of new business development, strategy, growth and customer success.

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