Tailored learning experience for your team?

Interested in a tailored learning experience for your organisation’s needs? We are happy to discuss, how we can best help your team.

You’ll learn

  • The learning targets will be agreed with you and/or your team.
  • The starting level of your skills is evaluated with our evaluation tools and the level and the content of the trainings will be adjusted accordingly. The starting point is that the training participant should have the basic level understanding of the topic already in his/her toolbox. Some base level courses will be soon available as a self learning courses, please look at e.g. cyber security training.

Content of the training days

  • Contents, methods and pedagogical approach are tailored to fulfil your needs
  • Trainings can be arranged anywhere in the world either as a remote training or on-site training.
  • Language in the trainings can be either Finnish or English

For whom?

The tailored trainings are for the professionals who are eager to stay relevant, would like to speed up their upskilling or learn new skills, talents and approaches in the areas of digital business, technology and design.

Do you want to know more about our services?

Please send an email, or leave a message right here. We look forward hearing from you and get back to you asap.