Futureplay Games x Splended

Unveiling the Learning Sprint: Our Collaboration with Futureplay Games

In the dynamic world of gaming, innovation and staying ahead of the curve are crucial for success. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Futureplay Games, a renowned game development studio, on a learning sprint which offered tools for self-development among the entire studio. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of this exciting initiative and explore the valuable insights gained along the way.

A learning sprint is a focused, time-bound period during which cross-functional teams come together to explore new ideas, experiment with different approaches, and learn from one another. It serves as an opportunity to accelerate learning, foster innovation, and develop a shared understanding of complex challenges. The collaboration between Splended and Futureplay Games aimed to harness the power of curiosity, exploration, sharing of knowledge and above all, allowed time for the teams to foster a culture of continuous learning.

During the learning sprint, Marjut, the Chief Learning Officer from Splended and Mirva Vimpari, People and Organizational Lead at Futureplay Games led a collaborative exploration of key areas such as learning and development, career planning, agile learning, experimentation as well as engagement. We worked closely together in interactive workshops and webinars focussing on how teams and team leaders could optimize their ways of working and how to lead learning discussions.

One of the core pillars of the learning sprint was the idea of one’s career as a product that needs to be managed and developed like any other product. We explored tools for identifying strengths, boosted collaboration and envisioned futures. These exercises proved eye-opening. Many commented that they had never thought about their futures in such a strategic manner and were inspired by the discussions that sparked among them after each workshop.

The learning sprint between Splended and Futureplay Games was an invaluable experience, yielding several key takeaways such as more confident personal plans for the future as well as interesting explorations into topics such as AI. Some of them had started reading books, researching online libraries and reconnecting with alumni in their university. When we sat down for a Q&A session in the end, many people reported having found multiple ways to try new tools, gather information and to explore resources such as article libraries. The entire learning landscape also experienced a push that encouraged teams to have more meaningful development discussions and to better identify when someone needs more support in their role.

Futureplay Games have an extremely modern learning culture where everyone is supported and given the opportunity to pursue their career in meaningful ways. The learning sprint between Splended and Futureplay Games further promoted these ideals and focussed on increasing collaboration and shared learning. This can already be seen in how teams use their allocated “Futureplayground” time on Fridays on learning, sharing, experimenting and gathering new understanding together. As Splended and Futureplay Games continue their journey, the lessons learned from this learning sprint will undoubtedly shape their future success. Here’s what one participant thought of the experience:

I believe our team got a lot of more fuel for self-development and got inspired to take some of the ideas into action in Futureplaygrounds going forward. Thank you!

If your organization needs to envision and start building futures, develop tools for collaboration and learn how to learn in an agile manner, just pull us from our virtual sleeve here.