Certified ScrumMaster® (fin/eng)

Scrum is a simple framework but hard to do well. This two-day training aims to provide participants a solid understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the Scrum elements. Each aspect of the Scrum framework is explored in terms of its principles, its relation to the rest of the framework and how it can be implemented in practice.

The first day will cover the conceptual background of Scrum and how the roles in Scrum differ from what is often seen in organizations and how this will impact the organization. The second day will cover the how-to-do things and look into the different parts of the Scrum framework in detail. 

Content overview

  • An overview of the Scrum framework
  • Insight into the role of a Scrum Master
  • Increased transparency through Scrum elements
  • The accountability of a Product Owner
  • Ordering a Product Backlog to deliver value early
  • Estimating work to support planning and forecasting the future
  • How to plan Sprints effectively
  • Making the most out of the Daily Scrum meetings
  • Foundations for an effective, useful Sprint Retrospective
  • Practises for scaling Scrum to the needs of a large organization or for big projects

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